Who we are

robin making a fresh salad with fresh veggies in kitchen

Behind the scenes of Mesa 21 are three people. Robin, Fred, and Liv.

Robin manages her own catering business during the day. Her business focuses on corporate and party catering.

She went to culinary school in her younger days followed by multiple years traveling and cooking in many kitchens.

She loves making hearty, homestyle dinners and big filling breakfasts for her family. While Mesa 21 is her “second job” it’s not second place in her mind.

She is constantly in the kitchen perfecting recipes that can be shared right here on Mesa 21.

Fred has been managing sites for almost 20 years! He started in college and has built and managed many popular sites over the years. He’s here to help us better reach you with great recipes that you can make for your family.

He worked as a full time social worker for years all while managing multiple sites. He now works full-time helping provide help to millions of readers a month covering topics such as home, garden, and food

He handles the technical side of things as well as all advertising and promotions.

Liv is the brains behind the very popular baking and breakfast site Treat Dreams. She and Robin have been friends for years and Liv produces breakfast and dessert recipes for Mesa 21 that you won’t find on her own site.

She is a master in all things sweet and we are lucky to have her here.

Our Goal

Simply put, Mesa 21 is here to provide you with great tasting recipes you can make for your family.

Every recipe has been tested in our own kitchens and has passed the taste test of our own family’s and we aim to provide you recipes that your family will love just as much.

They say there is no accounting for taste, and for us that means we aim to provide something for everyone. So we plan to continue to grow the recipe options we offer so you can keep coming back for more great kitchen inspiration.