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Can I submit a recipe to Mesa 21?

Yes, we love finding great new recipes to make for our family’s and to share with others. If you have a recipe you would like featured, provide the entire recipe with instructions as well as 2-5 pictures of the completed dish.

Not every submitted recipe will be featured, but we appreciate every submission we receive.

Why do you use [insert ingredient here] in a recipe?

Mesa 21 provides recipes for people with a wide assortment of tastes. And while there is a lot of great discussions to be had about which ingredients are best to use, we provide recipes as we make them.

Can I write for Mesa 21?

We are not currently accepting complete articles from guest writers, but you can send along your information and ideas for future consideration.

Can I advertise on Mesa 21?

We love working with brands who provide great products that we would be proud to tell our audience about. If you think you’re brand would benefit the Mesa 21 audience please email us and tell us all about your brand.

How can I contact you?

You can contact Robin (recipe maker and head writer) at robincampbell290 @

You can reach Fred (site manager, advertising guy, and technical troubleshooter) at fredjbarr @

You can reach Liv (recipe creator and writer) at livcampbell290 @